Ezy Reading: Freefalling

Evan Kanarakis

Silent days and lonely nights
Drifting under candlelight
Waiting and he’s hating her again
He’s freefalling

Tried to reason
Tried to wonder
But there are no answers in an empty room
Silence breeds dwelling on painful speculations

She smiled
That flash in her eye
He’d seen it before
Chased down those memories another time

Lost his heart once, twice
Still couldn’t get it right
Another year broken
She’s reached him

Sneering faces
They think they know
They think they feel
And rejoice in the pity and reassurance

 He knows better
Weighed down now
His soul is leaving him
He’s freefalling again


Apologies for no Ezy Reading last week- Ohio, Massachusetts and a heady dose of Pearl Jam beckoned! Stay tuned next week for a full recap. Ezy Reading is (normally!) out every Monday.