(Aug 2014) Random Gems - Robin Williams

Mahesh Markus

Perhaps individuals have a limit on the total amount of happiness they can experience. Perhaps one cannot be twice blessed. Perhaps there is a limit to the happiness that can be given and taken away. The selfish take too much happiness from others. The unselfish give their happiness to others. Perhaps this is why Robin Williams was so sad after spreading happiness and joy to countless millions around the world.

The soundtracks to his more popular movies drew from the toe-tapping canon of twentieth century music. Good Morning Vietnam had the ubiquitous 60s songs from the Beach Boys, Them and James Brown. Mrs. Doubtfire featured Aerosmith. I would expect Cud readers to have come across these at least several times a year.

I was faced with a dilemma. While my growing collection of music is random, fellow Cud readers may not necessarily consider these to be gems. It took some effort to find the venn diagram intersection of Robin Williams movie soundtracks and what could be considered a 'Random Gem'.

These are the tracks I identified. Enjoy.

The movie: World According to Garp
The song: When I'm Sixty-Four
The players:The Beatles

The movie: Awakenings
The song: Sing Sing Sing
The players: Louis Prima

The movie: The Fisher King
The song: I Wish I Knew
The player: John Coltrane


The movie: The Fisher King
The song: The Power
The players: Chill Rob G


The movie: World According to Garp
The song: There Will Never Be Another You
The player: Nat King Cole